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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Have I Mentioned...

VOTE YES ON PROP 8!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
I just sent in my ballot and now comes the waiting game, but I urge ALL to vote. I thought so long and hard about everything on that ballot and sometimes I thought, "why do I care so much- mine is just one small vote?" But the fact of the matter is that this is my right to state my opinion and vote, and whatever happens will, but I know I did what I could. Happy Voting all! Just 5 more days and all the ads and nonsense will be over and we'll be on to a different kind of nonsense! Oh yeah...Yes on 8!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm It!

So Millie tagged me. This one is a little bit harder. It made me think and we'll see what I can really come up with.

20 years ago...

I was 6. I lived in Fontana next to my grandparents. I don't remember much about that time of my life, but I know in just a few months from now my little sister will turn 20 so I must have been anxiously waiting to have a little sister. Not to be outnumbered by the boys. I loved playing outside with my dog Pepper and am pretty sure my bedding was Rainbow Brite. Oh Yeah!!

10 years ago...

I was 16. Fresh to the dating scene :) Whatever. I was in Vocal Point at Serrano and I loved it. Singing was my life. I lived in Phelan, CA. Woot, woot. I went every morning to early morning seminary and was just about to get my braces off. Man what a set of beautiful straight teeth will do for self esteem. Thanks to my parents for that great investment!! I had a great group of friends that I still try to stay in contact with, but life goes on, so I don't hear from as many of them as I'd like.

5 years ago...

Oh man! 5 years ago. I was back home after living in Utah for almost 2 years. I was hanging out with Tyler-he's going to love this-but I wanted more out of the relationship than he did...why ruin a beautiful friendship :) So I was a confused little girl and some different things happened in my life that I learned a lot from and I found myself. And then Tyler started to come around! I worked at Hogi Yogi-oh yeah-and went to VVC.

3 years ago...

I was coming up on my one year anniversary. In major love!!! Living in San Diego, working full time at Target (thanks for the benefits Target), and trying to spend as much time with my husband as possible. Those days all seemed about the same, and somedays I just wanted a change. We got that a few years later :)

1 year ago...

Me and Makena (our almost 8 month old) were actually up at my parents trying to escape the fire bound San Diego. We stayed about a week there. I was loving being a mom and amazed by how much love you can have for your child and how stinking cute she was. I don't want to sound prideful, but me and my husband did mix well with that one! No more Target (HOORAY!!) , but a lot less money (BOO!). Great times!

This year...

Well, Makena turned 1. Tyler graduated from college with a bachelor's in economics. His boss gave him a raise. We left our home in San Diego and moved to Orange County. We have spent lots more time together. I went back to school. And we're SO excited to spend these holidays- that are coming so quickly- together with our families.


I made breakfast, me and Makena went to Target and Kohl's. I mailed a Halloween card to my mom without a stamp ( I know I am a smart one). Tied a blanket and watched a movie while Makena was asleep-so nice. I waited for Tyler to get off work and then he called and asked where the closest urgent care was because he cut his thumb pretty bad. He got 3 stitches came home and we went to El Pollo Loco for dinner. Then to the grocery store to get milk, but they were out of the kind I like-BOO! Then home to hang out give Makena a bath-her dad's job that I get to do for the next 2 weeks and then took a shower and went to bed. Exciting, I know!

Today...even more exciting...

I got up, cleaned the house. My visiting teachers came, and then I started laundry. Makena took like a 30 minute nap...stupid...and I tried to watch another movie, but that didn't happen. Nwo I get to make dinner and carve a pumpkin alone I guess. The huband can't do it with his jacked up hand...boo!


No real plans. Probably hang out with Makena. Change diapers. Make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe go to achievement days ( I just got called so I don't know when it is yet). Try to get out of the house. Blah, blah, blah.

Next year...

Well, if I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow how am I supposed to know about next year. Finish my associate's. Hopefully not move unless some miracle happens and we buy something. Which I doubt. Who knows. Maybe I'll get pregnant. We'll see about that! Take a couple vacations with my little family and just enjoy our time together. Phew!

I tag anyone who has this much time on their hands. It's fun, but really. i won't force it on any of you :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Only in California...

Only in California will you worry about sunburns at the pumpkin patch. It was about 95 degrees yesterday at the pumpkin patch. Oh Fall. Where are you? Everyday I dress in my pants hoping that I won't sweat to death. Maybe someday soon it will be even a little chilly. I can always dream, right? These are a few pictures from my mom's and then the pumpkin patch with Tyler. Good times. I think this year I am trying to get in as many pumpkin patches as possible. We're 3 and counting. Hooray for pun-kins! The love of my daughter's life!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I strongly believe that people are entitled to an opinion. I already posted my thoughts on Prop 8 recently. I am still an avid Yes voter. I have a sticker on my car and that's that. I also believe in tolerance. I have nothing against people who will vote No as long as they understand ALL the facts like I do. A few things have come to my attention that have made my heart a little sad. I lose sleep over this stupid election and I will be the first to admit that I will be G-L-A-D, glad when it's over! But I also know that it is my right and duty as an American citizen to vote and to tolerate others opinions. At our church this last Sunday one of our leaders told us about problems that we're having with our signs. Maybe you've seen the yellow Prop 8 signs on the corners around the rest of the other election signs...or maybe NOT! He said that someone is designated to put these signs up every morning and then take them down again at night because people have been taking them. He said that he put 50 signs in their designated location and went to pick them up later and there was not one left. NOT ONE!!! Just today I was stopped at a stop light and saw a sign on the corner. You go little sign I said. And just as I thought it a group of teenage track girls run by it and one of them pulls the sign out and throws it on the ground. WHY?
Like I said... TOLERANCE. It's funny because this proposition is all about equal rights. We need to allow same sex couples to get married. That's their right. But where's our right to defend our beliefs? If our signs are thrown down at every turn and we are not allowed a voice in the matter where do we go from there? It's just a thought that has kept me awake at night. What kind of people are these that vote NO? They push for rights, but then ours are marked as discrimination. What is our world coming to? November 4th please just get here and then let us go from there!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Sneak Peek!!!

This was after our ward's trunk or treat last night!! Our cute little ladybug!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8 Things!!

I was tagged by Leora! Thanks!! It's called 8 things.

8 Favorite Shows
* The Office
* Project Runway
* Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives
* HGTV-basically anything on it
* Semi-Homemade
* Ellen
* Basically anything NOT kid related is good, but few and far between

8 Favorite Restaurants
* Pei Wei
* Lido
* P.F. Chang's
* El Pollo Loco
* Los Robertos
* Casa de Pico
* Subway
* Cafe Rio

8 Things I did Yesterday
* Laundry
* Cleaned my house
* Made a tutu
* Went to the Post Office
* Picked up lots of messes
* Made dinner-Baked Macaroni & Cheese
* Went to Enrichment
* Did Homework

8 Things I look Forward To
* Buying a house
* Paying off Tyler's Student Loans
* Getting a degree
* Christmas
* Having another Baby-someday (that's not an announcement :))
* The Weekend
* Paying off My Car
* Payday

8 Favorite Things about Fall
* The leaves changing colors
* Pulling out my sweaters
* Makena in her Halloween costume
* Thanksgiving Dinner
* Having Fires
* Not using the A/C
* Finally being able to decorate my house for some holiday!
* Cuddling under blankets with my husband

8 Things on my Wish List
* To go to Hawaii with just my husband
* Paying off a house
* Go to Europe
* To live a long, happy life with my husband and family
* For my kids to know how much I love them
* To win the lottery...j/k...but coming into a lot of money would be nice
* A new Nikon camera!!!!
* For Prop 8 to Pass!

Now I tag: Lacey, Brittany, Heidi, Shirlee, Cami, Julie, Natalie, and Adriana.

Monday, October 13, 2008

YES on PROP 8!!

So I wanted to post a little on something that has been weighing on my mind a lot. I am no sure I can adequately put my thoughts into words, but I need to say something. I want to start by saying that I am not anti-gay. They have their rights to live the way that they want. What I am saying and what Prop 8 does is protects our children. I think now that I am a mother this worries me the most. If prop 8 does not pass the divine institution of marriage between a man and woman will be disintegrated. Children will be taught at school things that will be contradictory to what is taught in their own homes and children will be born without the privilege of having a mother and father. I worry that if this passes our already failing society will just get worse. I have posted a link on the right side of my page to preservingmarriage.com. It has lots of information on it that can help you to understand what it's all about. I urge you Californians to vote. To help protect our children from what will ultimately happen if this doesn't pass!


So I think I am a pretty lucky girl! I have a great husband and a beautiful daughter. I have a great family! I also have a set of really GREAT friends! We don't live that close to each other any more. In the last year we've all moved to opposite ends of southern California, but we are there for each other! We recently have started setting up one day a month to have playdates. We have a total of 7 kids 4 and under between us and it gets a little crazy, but it is fun. We can just be ourselves. We talk, laugh, vent, reminisce, uplift, and listen. They are truly my best friends. I hope everyone in their lives have friends like I do. Wherever we are we know we still have someone to help us, or just be that ear to hear what we need to get off our chests. I love these girls and I am blessed to have then in my life!

This last week we met up at this cute little pumpkin patch- I know from the beach to the pumpkin patch we must live in California :) The kids loved it and we get a little crazy about taking their pictures so here's a few. Julie's the one with the nice camera so most of the pictures are on that, but here's few. Makena didn't want anything to do with pictures as you can tell. Oh well! It was a fun day anyways! Thanks Ash for letting us take over your house. It was a BLAST!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Catching Up!!

So about a month ago I met my very good friends Julie and Ashley at Newport Beach. We had a lot of fun letting the kids play on the empty beach and just catching up. I have been meaning to post the pictures that I have from it and am just getting around to it. Be looking out for new play date pictures next week. I can't wait to see you girls again and take lots of pictures of the kids at the pumpkin patch! Julie- maybe we could get you in a picture and get someone who speaks english to take a good picture of all of us :) Love you girls!!