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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am extremely blessed! And as is fashion around this time of year I just wanted to put it into words.

*I am SO thankful for a husband who loves me no matter what! Who works hard to provide for us and who I look forward to being with for a LONG time to come!
*My daughter-who keeps me on my toes, but I love more than I can express! She's feisty and wild, but she is sweet as can be!
*Our health-which I am not thankful about enough, but know that we are truly blessed in this department.
*Our family-they may not be as "normal" as yours, but they are F-U-N, fun!
*Our friends-who are there when we need them and who when we do see them- are so comfortable with them that it seems like we haven't skipped a beat!
*The gospel-which brings us a peace into our lives and joy to our hearts with the knowledge that we have!

I am so thankful for many things, but these top my list! I love this time of year-as it reminds of the things that are good in our lives! I hope that you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving! I'm sure we'll be back with photos after the weekend!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Hooray for a great weekend (after last weeks not so great one!). Me and Tyler got to spend Saturday morning together and it was so fun. Then I got to leave my house without a kid and go hang out with some of my favorite people. We went shopping-wherever we wanted and had a nice dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Our waitress wasn't very good and it took forever, but we didn't care because we were able to spend more time together and just talk-uninterrupted! It was fabulous. Thanks girls for a great night! We need to plan one again soon!!

But while I was gone I did miss this one!! She's finally smiling and saying cheese when I turn the camera on, but it's a beautiful closed eyes smile. Gotta love kids! Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a long one in just a few days! I am counting down the hours! Hooray for Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

How was your Weekend?

Well let me just say that my wonderfully planned weekend was totally RUINED!! We stil had a good time, but man. The fires that were raging around southern California made it impossible for my parents to come down. We had hopes that they would make it, but they didn't and so me and Tyler didn't make it to the temple, and I didn't get to shopping with my mom :( We did go eat Pei Wei and did a little shopping, so that was nice. My mom did attempt the trip again early on Sunday morning and made it in time to come to church with us and watch Makena while me and Tyler spoke, which I think went okay! So a BIG THANK YOU to my mom for bracing the elements and doing what you could to make it down here. She is AWESOME!! So that was our mixed up weekend. Anyone else have a crazy weekend or were you lucky and things went just as planned. With everything I have going this week I sure hope my plans go the way they are supposed to or I may have a meltdown :) Makena seems a little sick today which just tops everything off, but we'll see! Hopefully everyone else is doing great in this week before Thanksgiving! How did it get here so quickly?? Don't worry I am not complaining about that!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Weekend!

I know--my husband's not even home from work yet, but I am ready for this weekend to start already. I finished all that nasty homework and even have my talk ALL prepared. Now it's time to party! This weekend I get to go on a date to the temple with my husband which has been WAY too long. I get to hang out with my mom and I'm just excited about it okay. Oh and I get to eat Pei Wei tomorrow, YUM! So I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you do. Eat, sing, and run around with pants on your head. It's the weekend!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Week in Assignments

Barf! So I don't have anything really exciting or profound to discuss. This week is going to be quite hefty in the workload department. For school I have a quiz, a group quiz-which I offered to lead (stupid, right?) and a midterm. And on top of all the reading and work that goes along with this stuff-for my ONE class-I get to prepare a talk for church on Sunday! The topic is HOPE! I sure HOPE I can get through the week in a somewhat together fashion! Anyone else have any major hopes for the week or talk advice, I could always use some more inspiration besides what's been coming to me in the shower. That's probably the only time I actually have to think straight. I used to look forward to my showers. What happened to my relaxation?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are You Jealous Yet?

Today me and Makena picked Tyler up from work to go to the beach. It has been a while and we live SO close. We were there in less than 10 minutes from Tyler's work. Makena LOVES the beach and she told me multiple times during the day that we were going to the "beach". We saw surfers, let Makena run around and we watched the sunset. It was a fun afternoon activity and who can say they did this kind of thing in November-with a short sleeved shirt on? Not many! So these pictures are for all you cold, snow-ridden people--enjoy your snow. I've got my sun!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love this girl!

Sometimes she's moody and drives me insane, but she is mine-all mine and that's what matters!!! Thanks Makena for helping me keep perspective about what is truly important!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here's my little ladybug. She looked so cute and loved carrying her bag like a purse. We had practiced saying trick or treat ALL day, but she didn't want to say it. She did get the sticking her bag out for candy though! We went to the trunk or treat at my mom's ward. Makena is still a little too young to really care and she did get a little scared this year from some costumes, but it was still fun and she loves dumping her candy out and trying to eat it through the wrapper. It's lovely!

And now my plug...guess what tomorrow is? The day we've all been looking forward to for months...okay for it to be over, but PLEASE get out there and vote. This is SUCH an important election for our state and our country. I am not going to try to say anything profound or tell you my opinions, but just vote. Every vote does matter. Just in case you forgot I will be voting YES on 8, and would hope that if you did your research you would too. That's all I have to say about that! Happy Monday all!!