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Thursday, March 11, 2010

We've been parents for....

3 YEARS NOW!!! I cannot believe how it has flown. I'd like to say I am a professional mother now, but this last birthday has shown me why I am not yet there. One good thing I had going for me was taking pictures BEFORE we left for the party:

Because any parent should know that even if it's easier and your child says they love Chuck E. Cheese DON'T DO IT!!! Because if they've ever shown any signs of fear of the previously listed mouse it will come back to bite you in the butt and craziness will ensue.
She spent 3/4 of her party like this(and this is calm):

And just spend the time making a birthday cake (yes, I wanted to have little to no responsibility for this party) because if you buy it at Target they will be 45 minutes late having it ready, therefore making you 20 minutes late to your own stinkin' party. It did turn out cute, but I have lots of resentment towards this cake.

And why do I even BUY her birthday gifts when I know that she will accumulate half of the toy department at Target? I will never understand it.
And as many of you know 1:00 church, especially on a weekend of no naps, is not exactly fun. But this was a beautiful thing. And yes that is the middle of my living room/dining room. And yes it was like 5:30 in the afternoon.

So on her actual birthday we thought we'd treat her to some family Disneyland time. Which was really fun. Kind of crowded but fun and she was happy! Isn't she a cute little 3 year old?

But then we got this wild idea to try and go to Rainforest cafe for lunch. Yes even after the Chuck E. Cheese fiasco 2 days earlier. I walked her in, showed her the restaurant and asked if she wanted to eat lunch there. And she of course said yes. So in we went and boy was that a mistake. She cried and was scared pretty much THE WHOLE TIME!! Pretty much the lamest $50 ever spent. She didn't like it and the food wasn't even that good. Parenting skill learned...NEVER listen to a 3 year old when you have doubts. Even if it is her birthday!! This picture was after we'd coaxed her into actually eating her lunch, but she still had a wary eye on that gorilla in the corner. Good times!!

And then after all you've been through to try and let her have the happ-happ-HAPPIEST 3rd birthday EVER, this is the look you get on the way to the car! Priceless. Can't wait until your next birthday Makena!