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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Life in a Nutshell!

So, these past few weeks have been CRAZY, to say the least! Me and Makena stayed at my parents for like a week and while we were there she got a terrible flu. Yuck! Then when I thought she was getting better she got something else and then I got it, and all this while I was supposed to be getting everything in order for Tyler's graduation. But all things considered the graduation went well. It was a GLORIOUS day in our lives! It had been 8 years in the making, and hopefully now I will have a full-time husband! It's been rough, but worth it I'm sure. Makena, meanwhile, is growing up way too fast. I already understand that I need to slow down and enjoy her more because she already doesn't NEED her mommy for things. She is fun, and sweet, but she's pretty sassy as well. We are excited or the future and what our next chapter will hold!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moving away from San Diego!

I HATE moving. I don't like packing, leaving my comfort zone, finding a place, shelling out tons of money for fun new costs. We are on the lookout and the brink of leaving the apartment in San Diego that we have lived in since 5 days after our wedding, where we brought our new baby home to, and where we've struggled through the ups and downs of everyday life with 's been fun, but stressful and full-time jobs, full-time school, and full-time parenting. Living in San Diego has brought along with it fun friends and adventures, but also challenges. I guess right now though the main challenge is trying to decide where to move to. We are looking in two totally different areas for a place and I guess we're just exercising our faith to be led in the right direction. I don't like the sitting and waiting and disappointments involved, but what do you do? Keep living and doing what you can, I guess!