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Monday, July 27, 2009

28 Weeks!!!

And the countdown continues! 12 weeks is not much, and hopefully it's shorter than that because I am already tired of being pregnant. This just happened recently and I am pretty sure it is because it's been so hot! I can't even handle it! I've recently found a couple good finds on craigslist and at a kids consignment sale! Nothing make having two kids more real than bringing home your DOUBLE stroller :) We are getting excited and just can't wait to have this little girl as part of our family.

The Fair

We went this last weekend for our annual Orange County Fair trip. My parents and sister, Candice, met us there. It was a good time. Lots of food and animals and fun people to watch. Makena rode a pony and an elephant-my camera died before the elephant ride--STUPID!!! She made my mom go in the petting zoo twice. Thanks mom!! She rode on my dad's shoulders basically the entire time. I thought she liked the fair last year, but this year she was way more into it. She just looked at the pictures with me and said we go on the animals next week...SORRY, NO!!! But it was a fun time!!

She loved the pumpkins and other vegetables. She tried to eat a few tomatoes too!

Riding Mocha the pony!!

This is why you go to the fair. Fried anything you can imagine...

Dragging my mom around to see the animals!

The pregnant girl at the fair! It was too hot for me :)

My brother and sister!!

Me and Tyler!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Queen of Quite A Lot!

Somebody runs this house. And sadly, it isn't me. Makena is very bossy. I feel bad for little one # 2. She will have a sassy, bossy, sometimes naughty big sister. But she is also so loving. She tells me everyday how she's going to love the baby, and get the baby diapers and babas, and hugs and kisses. She went with us today to my doctor's appointment and can't stop talking about hearing mommy's belly. It's her baby sister you know. Somedays I feel like I can handle two little girls. No problem. And somedays I think oh my gosh, Almost 100 days and I'll be the mother of 2. I feel inadequate to the challenge. I love my girls so much, but raising kids-and I only have one-is the hardest job one can have. And that is the truth. Since I became a mom, the admiration I have for my own has grown tenfold. 4 kids?!?!? How did you do it? Then I look at this beautiful child and I can't imagine my crazy life without her. I feel this baby kick me like crazy and I think about 17 weeks ago when the doctor gave her a 50% chance of even coming to this wolrd, and I feel incredibly blessed. Isn't being a mom great? Even if my girl has majorly entered the stage of "MINE", "NOW", "NEVER" ya, never..., "I WANT"! Oh, and she's only 2. What's a mommy to do?
Here's our latest photo shoot. I have been way behind on pictures, so here are the newest attempts. These were taken yesterday...she is 28 months old. 2 more months and she's a two and a half year old. And I know I'm biased, but she's pretty dang cute!!