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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tagged Again!

This time my picture tag is from Leora. Thanks!! What I am supposed to do is go into my picture folder and pick the fourth picture from the fourth folder. Simple enough. So here it is:

This happens to be from my wedding day! Oh the rain! This is my sister Candice and my cousin's little girl Savana! Was that really almost 4 years ago? Wow!

Now I'm supposed to tag 4 people. So it seems like when I tag people they don't usually do it, so if anyone reading this is so motivated I challenge you to do it. It's really simple :)

A Girl and Her Dolls

So the other day I came out to the living room to see Makena doing this. She had all her soft dolls and babies lined up and the couch. It was so cute to watch her sit them up, move them around, talk to them, and hug them. As I watched her I thought about what having a daughter means. I love dressing her up, dresses, bows, painted toe nails. She loves to sing and dance and give hugs and kisses. I thought about at that moment what it will be like to talk to her about boys and dates and helping her get ready at her wedding-after we paid for it :) I thought about being there when she has babies of her own and what that will be like. I'm nervous for all the drama that will come along with this girl-I can already tell we have our hands full with that! But, how lucky I am to be a mother to a beautiful daughter. I don't have any sons--yet--but from talking to lots of people girls are just different and I'm excited for all that that entails! So play on Makena! Dolls, brooms, babies, dresses,nail polish and anything else your little heart desires because you are the best girl I know!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Trip

So we're home! Isn't it sad how fast vacation goes? I thought I was going to cry when Tyler got up to leave for work this morning. We don't get to spend enough time together! We did have a great vacation though. Me and my mom and Makena did A LOT of shopping. And Tyler and my dad got to golf twice. Then we sampled LOTS of different places to eat. I learned that I LOVE Cafe Rios pork tacos. Yum!!! I want some right now! We also went up to Zion which was a little difficult with Makena, but it was definitely worth it. It is beautiful up there! Makena did really good in the car and overall it was a fun trip. She loved the hotel room and wouold constantly pick up the phone in the room and say "hello, mommy...dada"! It was pretty cute! Well as promised here are some pictures. I really didn't take as many as I should of because our batteries died in my camera. Thankfully my mom had extras, but here you go!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Outta Here!

This is how I feel right about now!! I am trying to get us all ready for our little trip to St. George, UT. We haven't had a real vacation in 2 years so we're pumped. We drove up and went to Downtown Disney today and tomorrow we're driving up to good old Phelan to stay the night at my parent's house and then onto St. George from Weds. to Sat. for shopping, golfing, Zion, swimming, and lots of eating out. I am really excited, but packing and going with an 18-month old is a bit crazy, but that's what it's all about, right? I should have lots to blog about next week! Stay tuned for lots and lots of pictures!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Ice Cream Cone!

So Makena was given her very own ice cream cone at Logan's birthday party this last weekend. I think she was in heaven. She did really well with it, and all she could say after was MORE!!! She's too cute!

Picture Tag!!!

So I was tagged again. This time it is picture tag. You can't straighten up or do anything to the different places you just have to take pictures as they are. So lucky for me I was on a cleaning rampage earlier :) So here it goes:

Your child-she decided she wanted to clean too

Your bathroom:

Your laundry room-it ain't much but I LOVE it!!

Your favorite room-not much to see here, but I do love my bed!

A self-portrait-I did say I was busy cleaning today, right?

My favorite shoes-this was a tough one, but these are probably the newest ones and I love them!

My closet-which I share with my daughter

My fridge-nothing too exciting going on there today!

My pantry

And finally my sink-I love having a dishwasher, it helps keep the sink look more like this. Now if only we knew who filled up the dishwasher...

And now-who do I want to tag...Ashley(what is in your fridge with all those little boys?), Lacey (lucky for you, you just moved in and it probably isn't a major disaster:)), and Leora (maybe I'll be the first tag you ever received and it's FUN!!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The TUTU!!

So I know that Halloween is a ways away, but I've been thinking about Makena's costume and since she still has little say in the matter I decided she would be a ladybug. I am making the costume though, and so I thought I would start early to make sure I would have plenty of time with all the things going on in our lives. So I started the red tutu and it turned out SO cute! Makena already loves wearing it around the house and I am just so proud of myself for doing it. Now here's my proposition for any and all of you! In need of a tutu for a halloween costume-they could be just about any color and be used for lots of different ideas-a dress-up item or a girl in your life just loves to dance? I'm planning on getting Makena's pictures taken in it too. Let me know and I can custom make a tutu for you! Leave me a comment for prices or colors! I hope I can help anyone in need!

Here's a couple pictures of Makena in her tutu!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

18 Months!!!

I honestly can't even begin to understand where these 18 wonderful months have gone. I've heard it forever..."enjoy it! I t goes too fast". Did I believe it then...not so much. Now- you better believe it! And it's only just the beginning for us. I thought I'd pay a little tribute to the one we lovingly call Nenny on occasion, Mak-nena, big or little mak (depending on the day and then it is still only my husband!), the wild one, babe, sweetheart, and our example setting first child! It seems like only yesterday we were bringing home our little bundle:

Now look at her: She's a blossoming, independent toddler!

Just a few wonderful things about her!
*Pictures don't do her justice. She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl. She has RED hair, the prettiest blue eyes, and the longest eyelashes known to man!
*She is very creative and will color or draw on anything she gets her hands on. Walls, stuffed animals, mommy shoes-beware!
*She loves animals, but when they get to close she's pretty unsure. Hence her knew saying at my parents is "No, no scooter"! Finger waving and all!
*She is very affectionate. She'll give anyone a kiss who will let her before going off to bed, and me and her dad get the best hugs ever!
*She's very passionate. That's a good way to put it. Just about every two weeks she has a new FAVORITE movie and can't get enough. It's been everything from Shrek, to Woody, and now it's "Mons Inc" as she says. We walk in the door and she says it. She wakes up and guess what I hear! This can also get a little irritating when she wants something and wants it NOW! Yeah- passionate's the nice word.
*She loves the beach! She will play in the sand for hours and wants to be in the water. I told her yesterday where we were going and after I told her it was the beach she got so excited and said water, water, water. She loves it! Too bad she's the fairest of them all, because the sun doesn't like her. We're getting better with the sunscreen, though!

I just love this girl! I love when she wakes up in the morning and I get to spend all day playing and growing with her. Having kids is crazy, no doubt but I LOVE it all. Well so much crying I could do without and poop, but...the point is I'm terribly grateful to be a mother to this incredible, adorable, loving little girl!
Nenny- I love you lots! Love- Your Mommy