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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tour, Anyone??

Well-for me, this has been the longest blog break ever! My sister (who may be the only one who looks at this) kindly asked for a new post since she's looked at the last one for the last 3 weeks :) We've been really busy here lately! With the move-which like I was recently reminded-was not as stress free as I would have hoped. Even with all my planning. And just the stress of life and Makena being sick this last week...blah, blah. But we are here and we are finally getting adjusted and relieved of some of our stress. So I thought I'd take you on a little tour. Mind you my house is not really neat, I have had a sick child lately, and there may be a few boxes, but it is coming a long! So here it goes...

This is the living room (love my new chair)

This is another view of the living room through the dining room...don't pay attention to the mess and boxes, please :)

This is the kitchen

This is the master bathroom! I love the new shower curtain and yellow towels!

This is a close up of the pattern on my shower curtain!!

This is our bedroom. I hate having bare walls, but I just got the comforter (major steal at Kohl's) and haven't decided how I want to decorate everything else!

This is the material that I made the curtains out of for the kitchen and the entryway. Love it!

I wish these tulips would stay like this forever. They are so pretty! Thanks honey!!

And this is the little sickling. Today is the first day in a lot of days that she is actually playing! Hallelujah! I hate sick kids!!!

So, that's it for the moment. We've got lots going on in the next couple weeks with my mother-in-law going through the temple next weekend and then the next week is Makena's 2nd birthday! Lots to blog about! Hope everyone has been great! Thanks for still checking up on us to make sure we're still alive!!! Until next time!!