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Monday, December 21, 2009

Follow the Star-A Christmas Post

Mary. Wow! I understand a little how you felt. I can't quite imagine having rode on a donkey for days, getting off, being denied even a room and then giving birth in a stable. I now know the feeling of a natural birth and I assure you, that is not something to be mixed with hay and cold and animals. But endure it she did. To bring a boy into the world who would be so perfect and save us all. I was able to witness that baby Jesus, my baby Jesus, last weekend at our churches presentation of Follow the Star. When I saw my baby in that stable-wailing and all-it touched deeply into my heart. How could Mary do it? I know why she did it, but it took all the strength I had to even let my baby go out into the cold Rancho Santa Margarita night and leave my arms for 10 minutes to play Jesus. She brought him into the world to let him do his work and leave her he did. What strength she had. What love. This season we think so much about Jesus and to him I owe so much, but to that mother we also owe so much. She took on the great responsibility of mother to the Son of God. She gave birth to him, raised him, taught him, and then watched him teach others and later she stood by as He gave his life. To that woman I say thank you. You are my hero. So, as I watched my babe in that cold stable, I learned even more about a mother's life and sacrifice and for that I am so grateful! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that we remember what it is we really celebrate.

It's been 2 months already???

We cannot believe that our little Jadie-doodle is 2 months old. She is such a light to our family. She is such a good little girl and so calm and relaxed. Even her doctor at her 2 month appointment commented on her calming effect. Which is great because with Makena being the whirlwind that she is the calm is so nice. At her check up she weighed in at 11 lbs. 10oz. Almost 12 pounds!! And she is 23 inches long. She handled her shots almost better than me and she is just so content. She talks and smiles and just makes me so happy. I love her and can't wait to see how she continues to develop. And I love how much these sisters love each other. Makena always has to be by her sister and kiss her and hold her, and Jade just smiles at her and gets so excited when she's around. I just love seeing the sister bond already in action. We are so blessed!

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a great Thanksgiving at my parents house. My cousin came from Utah that I haven't seen in years and we had other family there that made it really special. Makena LOVED playing with all the kids and we loved visiting with all the adults. Dinner was great, as usual...with the exception of my chocolate pie that tasted delicious, but died on the two and a half hour drive up. BOO! But we had a great weekend full of family, shopping, golfing, pictures and just hanging out. Oh and then we stayed an extra day and were there to support my dad when he was called to be the new bishopof their ward. What a huge calling, but we know he was meant to be doing what he's doing. We love you dad!!!

Jade's Blessing

So I am going to try to play catch up since I haven't really posted much lately and it's almost Christmas so I need to post all that's gone on around here. On November 22, Jade was given a name and blessing by her daddy at church. We had about 30 people here to support us and that was great. It was a beautiful blessing and we had a great time with everyone afterwards at the park. Thanks to all who came and supported us!!

BTW...this is my 100th POST!!! WOW! Just think how many I would have if I kept up with this regularly :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are You Jealous?

These girls....

Have the longest most BEAUTIFUL eyelashes I have ever seen. Thank their daddy for that, but I know they will get comments their whole lives because they are just amazing. And yes, I am a little jealous!

Lots to update on...sometime when I have more than just a minute!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Pictures

Well it's that time of year. Christmas cards and family photos. We decided to get it done nice and early this year. My sister took them for us and we got some really good ones. And with how active Makena is that is the challenge. We just love our little family of 4!! And we're SO excited for Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas. It's all so exciting for Makena especially and it makes it hard not to be excited ourselves. So enjoy some our photos!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

Lots of pictures and things going on that I have neglected to post. I guess I have been spending way too much time cuddling with my baby and her giant sister. That is where I should be. Hope you enjoy the update!! Looking forward to fun events in the next few months. Yippee!!!!

Halloween is Here and Gone!!!

We had a nice Halloween-besides the fact that I got some funky sickness for half the day on Halloween. We carved pumpkins on Friday night and on Saturday my parents and brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came down to have dinner and go trick or treating. We had a nice time even though we didn't get any trick or treaters. Makena had so much fun and the girls both looked so cute. Even though Jade was only in her costume for a little while. I can't believe that now it's November. The rest of the year is just going to fly by, but we're SO excited for the holidays that are coming up!!!!

3 Weeks Already!

Jade is already 3 weeks old today! It's like everyone says it goes so fast and with your second it's even faster. She is such a good little girl. She hardly cries and she is just content. Thank heavens for that. Since her sister is so wild. We just love her so much and love that she fits so perfectly into our growing little family. Here are some pictures from the last 3 weeks.

Trunk or Treat & The Pumpkin Patch

So we braved the ward trunk or treat with the baby. Totally could handle it. Makena had just been starting antibiotics for a bad cold that turned into a sinus and ear infection. And to top it all off she had a new sister that she couldn't be near and she had to spend a lot more time with daddy than mommy. All of that combined...well, we are still recovering. She is much better now, but it's been rough. The baby is great! Makena is the hard one to deal with! But with the holiday so close we wanted to do as much as we could with the girls. So we went to the ward trunk or treat and then a few days later my sister Candice came down and went with us to the pumpkin patch. Makena loved it and still asks to go back. Too bad it's gone now!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jade Elizabeth Marsh

SHE'S HERE!!!!! and we all couldn't be happier. She looks just like her big sister and is already a really good baby. Fingers crossed she stays that way :) She was born on Tuesday night and weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and was 20 in. She has beautiful long reddish hair and we are all in LOVE! Her delivery was CRAZY! It was short and intense. We went in at 10:00 am with mild contractions, but the doctor wanted me to go in soon if I had any contractions because Monday at her office I was already 4, almost 5 centimeters dilated. So in we went- they said I was at a 5, admitted me got me on the antibiotics that I needed to take for 5 hours before she could come. As soon as I got through those they broke my water which was at 5:30 pm. The contractions finally started to really happen then and I was ready to push by 6:20. She was born at 6:29 pm. It was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me. It was intense, but with the most wonderful ending. 7 months ago they told us we had a 50% chance of not having a baby at all and now here she is. We are truly blessed and in awe of this beautiful new baby girl!!! We're glad to be home and trying to get some rest before Tyler has to go back to work and I am home with 2...YIKES!! Well there's an update for all of you! Lots more pictures to come, but for now I need to go cuddle my girls.