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Friday, March 6, 2009

Thought We'd Join...

The PREGNANCY CLUB! We're excited to announce that we are having another baby! I am almost 8 weeks along and I saw the little bean this week with its strong heartbeat. I know TONS of people who are pregnant right now, so that should be fun to be part of the club, again. I have been feeling major nauseuos for a few weeks now and I can't stand it, but it's for a great little cause. And I tell myself every week that I am a week closer. We are a little scared about having a second baby, but know it's time. And Makena asks to see "the baby"- my belly-all the time and talks to it. It's too cute. She even told me the other night that it's a sister baby...so I guess we'll see. We are VERY excited and can't wait until OCTOBER to meet the little one. (That seems oh so far away!!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Party People!!!!!!!

This last Saturday we had a family party for Makena's birthday. It was beach themed (since hopefully all of you know that Makena is a beautiful beach in Hawaii). We had great food and then we all headed to Huntington Beach to spend some time there. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. We couldn't have asked for better weather and it was just a fun time! I was WORN out from doing everything but it was a good time. We had yummy Mexican food and I made "ocean" cupcakes. Makena racked up ion the presents, and I decided that next year-Chuck E. Cheese it is :) So hear are some of the pictures from the partay!! Wish we could have invited everyone, but the little house doesn't constitute for a giant party. But we love you all!

Opening up the loot! She's a lucky girl and got some Great gifts-that are still ALL over my house!

Listening to Happy Birthday!

My cupcake creations-they looked better in person, I swear :)

Digging in like they were going out of style! She ate the whole cupcake like she was in a pie eating contest

Temple Trip

Two weeks ago we were able to go to the Redlands temple where my mother-in-law went through for the first time. It wsa a busy day at the temple, but it was great. Thanks to my mom for watching Makena all day so we could go. It was a beautiful day-I wish my wedding day there would have been so nice :) We are so happy for her and the choice to go there. It was a great day!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Birthday Girl!!!

My beautiful little girl turned 2 today! I have no idea where the time has gone, but I know it's been fabulous-SO HARD, but SO rewarding. She is so smart and sensitive ( which can also be a bad thing). She loves learning new things and she is just the funnest little girl to be around. I have LOTS of pictures to post from her party, and all things going on, but I will do that soon as I am still trying to recover from the day :) I just want her to know that I LOVE HER SO MUCH and couldn't have picked a better girl for my daughter. She's the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NENNY!!!!!