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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know, I know!

I used to be so up to date on my blog, but I guess life just happens! We have been keeping very busy with lots of different things. I'll try to share a few.

We recently went on our first real beach trip of the season with my family! Makena was in love, and didn't want to stay away from the water at all!

We've also been trying to take advantage of our Disneyland passes before we can't go during the summer-not like we'd want to anyways! Makena loves it, and it's a fun thing for us to do with just her and get some exercise. Her favorite thing is the parade at California Adventure, and the Monster's Inc. ride.

Then for my birthday weekend we went to restaurant that I love in Upland called Vince's with my family and went up to visit them for the weekend. Makena loves going to visit up there. She helped Tyler wash our car and played with Logan and watched her cousins baseball games. It was a fun weekend and I took some pictures of the beautiful sunset. That is one thing I love about Phelan.

And as for baby news, she is doing GREAT!! Everything looked great from the ultrasound and the stinking placenta finally found its way to a better spot which is great news. She is growing and moving and we couldn't be happier about that. We feel extremely blessed that everything looks normal with her. And do you want to know her name...well first. We can't decide on a middle yet, but we are pretty sure she will be.......JADE! This picture is almost a month old of me already so you can figure I am quite a bit bigger. Yippee!!1