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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Trip (Part one)

So we survived our first major road trip to Northern California with little incident. We had a blast and were sad at how quickly it went by, but glad to get back to our own beds.

The first day we left early--like early--hoping the girls would stay asleep for a big part of the first leg. It really worked out for us even though I only got 4 hours of sleep to start the trip on. We drove to Monterey first, where it was cold and really overcast. We got some lunch and then headed over to Dennis the Menace park. Thanks to the Browns for the tip. We all loved it, and Makena could have stayed there all day if we let her. Yesterday we drove by our usual park and Makena saw it and said, "I want to go there...no, I want to go to the BIG park with the train." I told her we would again...someday! Seriously it was awesome!


Then we headed up north to San Mateo where Tyler's sister Michelle lives with her family. They have two girls also, 7 and 4, who Makena was in HEAVEN with playing. I think from when she got up in the morning until when she went to bed we only saw her when she was eating or bringing us down some cool new toy she wanted to share. She loved it there!! And they didn't fight at all. It was seriously so great.

Matching tinkerbell nightgowns. Gotta love having girls.

The first whole day there we headed over to Half Moon Bay and saw the beach and the golf course-for Tyler of course. It was really beautiful even though it was cold and the drive totally reminded us of Twilight. But we got a couple good shots of the girls, and the course but I'll spare you too much :)

We went to one of the girl's (Morgan) birthday party later that afternoon at Pump it Up. One of those big bounce house party places. Makena had gone to one just a week or two before this so she really was "pumped" to go. She had fun, even though she got hurt a couple times and still isn't coordinated enough to do some of the bigger things. She must take after her mom---because I was the only one to really get hurt at the party. SO LAME!! Me and Tyler decided at the very end of the party to race in this stupid obstacle course that had two matching sides. We're kind of competitive so it was on! Well like 2 seconds into I tried to push my big butt over this wall and totally dislocated my knee BAD! I had to pop it back in and then try to get out. I got out just about the time that Tyler came down the slide to victory (to tell you that I wasn't the only one way into it-he still has burns on his knee and elbow from it!). So yeah-One day into vacation and I was out. And so mad!! So the rest of vacation I hobbled around with a brace and put it up as much as I could. I am still limping a little. It was dumb!! But Makena had fun and is still talking about how me and daddy got hurt at pump it up :)

And on that note I'll end part one. One day into it and already I messed up the trip. Things can only get better right? And seriously who wants to see this many pictures of us all at once?? Besides my mom :)


Gary & Julie said...

That's hilarious...not that you got hurt, but the fact that you and Tyler were racing like that was cracking me up!!! Crazy kids:)

Leora said...

Yikes! I can't believe you did that to your knee! I can't believe how much your girls look alike. Adorable!